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Purpose is to provide a stable, long-term home for Red Crossbill research over a broad front: field observations, recordings, assortative mating and call type delineation by sound and range. Provide information to the scientific community on the validity of call types and potential full-species separations for flight call types, geographically isolated populations (old world versus new world) etc. One purpose would be to serve as arbiters of flight call determination via audiospectrographic analysis and machine learning/AI for this worldwide complex.


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Mission: Dedicated to the study and conservation of finches and their habitats globally.

The Network: We want FiRN to be about you, and about the community and network of people that might want to be involved in a global research network interested in observing and studying finches. We hope to fund student projects. “The Crossbill Project” will be the flagship project of FiRN. We officially launched FiRN around Tyler Hoar’s Winter Finch Forecast September 20, 2020, and we hope to have as many of you, finch enthusiasts, hop on board and join in on the fun. It’s all about engaging with nature and the network!

ALL THE LATEST NEWS: The Rosy-Finch Project

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We are using machine learning algorithms such as deep convolutional neural networks to develop tools for detecting North American Red Crossbill flight calls in audio recordings and classifying them to call type. The tools will be continually improved to accelerate crossbill research and teach citizen scientists about crossbill ecology.





  • Tyler Hoar and Ron Pittaway | Finch Forecast
  • Weston Barker |FiRN Art
  • Lillian Stokes | Stokes Guides
  • Nathan Pieplow | Earbirding
  • Lance Benner | Pasadena Audubon
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Jeff Groth | American Museum of Natural History
  • Jamie Cornelius | Oregon State
  • Thomas P. Hahn | UC Davis
  • Mark Robbins | U. Kansas
  • David Lindo | The Urban Birder
  • David Hines, M.D.
  • Craig Benkman | University of Wyoming

Art Work by Weston Barker



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